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Tell us about your project and we will provide you with a quote. 

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  • Turn around may vary depending on our workload.



In our years of being in the business, we have learned that established business often prefer to have a designated designer or team of designated designers that understand their brand and are able to deliver when needed but it doesn’t make sense financially to have someone full time on staff. That’s where we come in.  When you work with us, a designated designer will be assigned to your brand and the designer will work on your company’s design / marketing materials whenever you need.  This way, our designer will truly understand your brand, your long term marketing strategies and at the same time you are only paying for the amount of hours he / she spends working on your company’s marketing materials.

  • No training required on your part and no additional costs for education.  We go through an extensive training process with all of our designers so they can hit the ground running as soon as we receive your project.
  • Saves your company money, up to 64%.  Please see the numbers breakdown below.
  • Designated designer working on your company’s material.  Our designer will truly understand your brand, tonality, look and feel as it takes time and multiple projects to master.
  • Our designers can be on-site* This works extremely well when your company is busy.  You can also request working sessions with our designer at our office at no additional charge.
  • Utilize our industry knowledge.  We have worked with over 300 businesses in the past 3 years, we are always happy to suggest what is working, what is not and share with you our knowledge of the upcoming design trends so your company will always be at the forefront.
  • Consistent budget. You will know exactly how much it would cost per month. No surprises.
  • Rollover left over monthly un-used hours (for 3 months)

* When clients request our staff on site, clients agrees to pay for their travel time calculated from our head office at 95 Mural Street Suite 600, Richmond Hill

Traditional Hiring Route:

Junior Designer $30,000 (minimum), with 1-2 years of experience + Benefits + Taxes + Employment Insurances + Education Cost, roughly $5000 per year = $35,000 per year 

Our Route:

Junior Designer at 30 hour per month = $1050 x 12 months = $12,600 per year.
That’s 64% Savings!

Our Pricing Plan

10 hr/ Month

20 hr / Month

30 hr / Month

Young & Upcoming Designer (Under 3 years of experience)

$45 / hr

$40 / hr

S35 / hr

Intermediate Designer (3-8 years of experience)

$65/ hr

$60/ hr

$55/ hr

Seasoned Savvy Designer (10+ years of experience)

$95/ hr

$90 / hr

$85 / hr

  • Minimum 3 months commitment
  • 1 month notice on cancellation

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